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"NV35 Specifications"

Intel Canterwood Chipset reviews

Radeon 9600 Pro reviews

First Mobile 9200 and Geforce Go 5200 benchmarks

Geforce FX 5800 Reviews

ATI announces AIW 9800 Pro

NVIDIA to show a First Look at E3

OpenGL Meeting Notes

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Radeon 9800 Pro review from Guru3d

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A look at bleem! - April 19, 2000
Is bleem! a novelty or a real alternative to a SONY Playstation? We take a look here. >>

Software DVD on GeForce 256 - March 17, 2000
Did you know the GeForce 256 has motion compensation acceleration? Two DVD players support it and we have cover them each! >>

Maxi Sound FORTISSIMO - November 29, 1999
Do you need 3D audio acceleration that won't hurt your wallet? Guillemot's Maxi Sound FORTISSIMO is high on quality while low on price. >>

ERAZOR III - November 15, 1999
With GeForce 256 boards available, TNT2 boards are great buys for the budget user. Does the ELSA ERAZOR III fit the bill? >>

Microsoft Intellimouse Explorer - November 7, 1999
Microsoft leads again with their new Intellimouse with Intellieye technology. How does a mouse with no ball sound? >>

A look at the GeForce 256 DDR - November 7, 1999
NVIDIA's next-generation video card comes out in style with T&L. What can it do for you? Read our GeForce 256 DDR review. >>

GeForce 256 Preview - August 31, 1999
What is the GeForce 256? We take a look here in our PCRave Preview. >>

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