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Joe Glass
April 26, 2000

GeForce 2 GTS Preview
Is the GeForce 2 GTS a worthy follow up to the GeForce 256?

In September 1999, NVIDIA released the most ambitious consumer video graphics card in the computer industry, the GeForce 256. It introduced new technology such as DDR memory and on-chip transformation and lighting into the consumer space. It also introduced the new acronym term "GPU" (Graphics Processing Unit) into our language with other common terms such as "WYSIWYG" and “RTFM”. The GeForce 256 really set new standards and left the competition scratching their heads.

NVIDIA really did an exceptional job with the GeForce 256. They did so well in fact that they really had to research at length to best their GeForce 256. The question was how?

The easy answer is to increase fill rate. But there’s more to that. Computer users today expect the whole experience to change. There needs to be fundamental changes to the formula that makes the user rethink 3D acceleration. In NVIDIA’s case, these changes need to be compelling yet the implementation and research must fall within a six month time frame.

In this review, you will definitely like what the GeForce 2 GTS has in store. If you thought the GeForce 256 was a fast graphics card, you haven’t seen anything yet!

First, what’s with the name?
No, this isn’t some new car from NVIDIA. As with the previous line of NVIDIA boards, the name RIVA was easily recognizable. RIVA had identifiable connotations like stability, quality, and performance. The GeForce name took time to get settle in with some users. The brand name is strong now and it is now evolving with the next generation.

The name "GeForce" in "GeForce 2 GTS" is a continuation of the GeForce brand name. The number "2" signifies the next GeForce addition in this series, and the acronym "GTS" stands for GigaTexel Shader. What’s does the “gigatexel shader” represent? The gigatexel shader represents the 1.6 gigatexel fill rate of the GeForce 2 GTS.

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