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Written by Giovanni Glass, Editor-in-Chief
November 18, 2002

NVIDIA GeForceFX Preview
NVIDIA announces their next-generation GPU!

It's all about the FX. Today, NVIDIA announces the most anticipated GPU in recent history. The new GPU is the GeForceFX. This new GPU brings new cinematic studio-quality graphics to the consumer with blazing performance we have come to expect from NVIDIA. We will quickly go over the specifications. I unfortunately haven’t had enough time to breakdown the features, but hopefully you’ll get an idea of what’s coming.

Frame rate is no longer king - image quality is. Back when video cards were just barely pushing 60fps, image quality took a back seat. We can blame first-person shooters for shifting the user-focus to fast-twitch games like Quake3, Unreal Tournament, and Half-life. These games, which are inherently fast-paced, don’t require one to pause and take time to view the game environment. One doesn’t sit and look at a wall texture and admire the artistry that has gone behind it or the level architecture by the modeler. New games such as Morrowind and upcoming games such as Final Fantasy Online are changing the way gamers play games. I, as a personal preference, am tired of the FPS genre and don’t like how the game industry continues to rehash Half-life or Quake 3 in some fashion or another and how video graphics cards seem to cater around FPSs. We need to expect more from a game. It needs to be more immersive. There is something to be said about story and how a GPU helps make a game more immersive.

NVIDIA® Corporation (Nasdaq: NVDA) is the recognized global leader in advanced graphics processing technology for mainstream platforms. The unmatched breadth of NVIDIA's product line provides stunning 3D, 2D, and high-definition digital video and television for every audience and price point of the desktop computer market.

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