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Joe Glass
October 30, 2001

VisionTek Xtasy Everything 5564
NVIDIA and VisionTek bring Tivo-like functionality to the PC

Watch out! The PC is increasingly becoming more like a unified entertainment system. It is gradually breaking away from the plain spreadsheets, word processing, and that we all know. With the Internet bridging information and media, information and media is increasingly becoming a staple through PCs. Unlike televisions, PCs are interactive and polymorphic. It reacts to input and provides feedback. It is superior to televisions except in situations that favor viewing at a distance like a living room. To bridge the TV/PC gap, NVIDIA has created the Personal Cinema.

The Personal Cinema has been a product that's been absent in NVIDIA's product lineup. All NVIDIA boards before had simple composite and S-Video out. Some special models created by Asus, Elsa, and Canopus had their own proprietary video capture capabilities but there was no clear solution provided by NVIDIA. It has been a long time coming, but NVIDIA has spent their time to research and create a product that surpasses the competition. This product squarely competes with ATI's All-in-Wonder product line. In every regard, the Personal Cinema attempts to one-up the All-in-Wonder.
VisionTek Logo
VisionTek, Inc.
Founded in 1988, VisionTek, Inc. is a company that focuses in two markets. Agilitas, a division of VisionTek, Inc., is a technology design and manufacturing services provider (TDMS). VisionTek, a consumer division, creates products such as graphics cards, memory, and fire wire technology.

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