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Joe Glass
May 4, 2001

VisionTek GeForce3 64mb DDR
VisionTek is first out the gate with NVIDIA's latest and greatest!

VisionTek has been a very successful NVIDIA for some time now. As an OEM, they have been major providers for companies such as Dell. They were first to release NVIDIA GeForce2 boards and they will be the first to hit major retail with the GeForce3. They have never had a retail presence, but the GeForce3 will represent VisionTek's first foray into the retail realm.

GeForce3 Features
We have covered the GeForce3 features in-depth in our original GeForce3 preview. You can read that here. As a quick recap we will go over the major features.
  • DirectX8 compliant pixel and vertex shader, Environment bump mapping capable
  • Patented Quincunx Full Scene Anti-Aliasing for near 4x FSAA at slightly over 2X speed
  • Digital Vibrance capable
  • Lightspeed Memory Architecture
  • Faster T&L core & 64mb DDR memory standard

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