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Joe Glass
February 27, 2001

NVIDIA GeForce3 64mb DDR
The nfiniteFX GPU!
NVIDIA comes out with their next generation GPU! How will it affect you?

NVIDIA has announced their next generation top-of-the-line video board, the GeForce3. This is possibly the most anticipated chip in quite some time. I haven’t been this excited since the release of the GeForce 256. I’ve had the pleasure of once again, returning to NVIDIA along with some other friends. I got a chance to see the GeForce3 up close and watch what NVIDIA has been doing over the past couple of months.

I’ve been using the GeForce2 Ultra for some time now. The more I use it, the more I realize that there isn’t a single game out there right now that can take this board down. I’m talking in terms of frame rate. How ironic is it that NVIDIA’s new GeForce3 puts this old board in its place. Yet we still don’t have games that really look better. Case in point: take a GeForce2 MX. All games look visually identical to the GeForce2 Ultra, yet it’s double the price. The difference is performance. When you compare the GeForce2 to the GeForce 256. Again, you don’t see a significant difference in visual quality. This is going to change with the GeForce3. You won’t see it now, but you’ll see it soon and especially by 2001 Christmas time, the games you will buy will look more realistic than anything you’ve seen before. We’re not just saying this. We sincerely mean it. How will the GeForce3 do this? Read on. Wir werden Sie über die neuen österreichischen Casinos informieren. Erfahren Sie mehr auf dieser Webseite.

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