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Joe Glass
July 2, 2000

What makes this board different?
With extended HDTV features, MPEG acceleration, and integrated TDMS transmitter, the Gladiac is at natural video playback. But it doesn't stop here. Unlike other GeForce2 boards, the Gladiac has the ability to do video capture. By using an special breakout board, the Gladiac can capture NTSC and PAL component video sources. Our sample didn't include this part so we can't go into detail on this feature.

We must mention a catch. The first lot of 5,000 ELSA Gladiac boards are unable to upgrade with the video breakout board. While in the rush to product Gladiac boards quickly, ELSA used VisionTek GeForce2 GTS boards that can't use the breakout board. However, ELSA says they will replace any early Gladiac board with the capability.

One missing item on the ELSA Gladiac board is the VIP 2.0 port. If you plan on using a DVD pass-through board, video capture card, or any other device which uses the VIP port, then look elsewhere now. It's not available on this board!

While snooping around within the ELSA Gladiac 5.22 drivers, we found embedded Gladiac video codecs.
ELSA Video 3D / Quick Codec: uyvy
ELSA Video 3D / Quick Codec: yuy2
ELSA Video 3D / Quick Codec: yuvs
ELSA Video 3D / Quick Codec: ev3d
ELSA Video 3D / Quick Codec: eqk0

The first three seem to be the typical color codecs. But since the name suggests 3D, they might be strictly decoders for the 3D Revelator Glasses, ELSA's 3D glasses product.

ELSA has been known to keeping up with NVIDIA's driver releases. Also, they have an exceptional driver support in the control panel. Dubbed the "Winman Suite", the ELSA drivers go beyond NVIDIA's reference drivers with more features and information. For instance, there is a information screen which displays current drivers in use and what DirectX is installed. There is also a nice refresh rate selector called SmartRefresh. This is like Windows's built in monitor profiler or EnTech Taiwan's PowerStrip. Essentially, if your monitor isn't detected by Windows or Plug-n-Play, SmartResolution has an updated monitor profiler thus you may get better monitor support. There is also SmartResolution which allows you to maximize your resolution in steps: 32 pixels horizontally and 1 pixel vertically.

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