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Thursday, February 27, 2003

Nvidia to release $99 GeforceFX cards this quarter - Benjamin Sun
On February 24th, NVIDIA presented at the Morgan Stanley Technology Conference. As part of that presentatoin they had a chart, which showede Geforce FX class cards in every pricepoint  in this quarter $99, $199, $299, $399. As we've only seen 5800 Ultra and 5800 which are now making it to store shelves, it would seem that the earlier report of Extremetech was talking about these products. Hopefully, the full DX9 features of GeforceFX will be brought to the low cost versions

Click here to see the pdf

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Wednesday, February 26, 2003

Master Of Orion 3 Ships! - Benjamin Sun
I'm a old-school MOO player since the first one came out back in the PC Dark Ages. Many a hour was spent on MOO and MOO2 . Hopefully MOO3 will live up to the previous games. I have MOO3 in my hands right now. It's different.

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ATI's next generation - Benjamin Sun
Yahoo Finance has a story about ATI's next generation R350 and mainstream card coming "in the next 30 days". It's kind of disappointing that I'll likely have a next-generation ATI card before I have a Geforce FX. But them's the breaks.

Click here for the story

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Tuesday, February 25, 2003

First Geforce FX's ship to customers - Benjamin Sun
Despite all the rumors to the contrary, NVIDIA's Geforce FX has shipped today to Best Buy via BFG Technologies's Best Buy order program


Lake Bluff, IL - (February 25, 2003) - BFG Technologies, Inc, a prominent supplier of advanced 3D graphics cards for PCs, announced today that it has begun shipping the Asylum(tm) GeForce(tm) FX 5800 Ultra to fulfill the orders of customers who pre-purchased the product from Best Buy between January 15 and February 9, 2003.

"We are proud to be the first company to deliver this significant new graphics product into the hands of our customers," said Shane Vance, executive vice president of sales for BFG.  "We know how important it is to the pre-order customer to be one of the first to own the latest graphics technology, and our efforts to deliver these products before anyone else have paid off.  With this first-to-market win, BFG continues its quest to become the 3D graphics card provider of choice for the avid PC gamer."

BFG Technologies and Best Buy launched the successful pre-order program both online at www.bestbuy.com and in Best Buy stores around the country.  Retail customers who took advantage of the program were treated to a free, limited edition "pre-order box" filled with valuable rebate coupons and BFG Asylum collectibles.

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