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Tuesday, January 21, 2003

BFG Tech GeforceFX available for pre-order--- - Benjamin Sun
BFG Tech has officially announced their pre-order for their consumer GeforceFX card at Best Buy.

Preorder customers treated to free merchandise and rebates when purchasing NVIDIA next-generation technology through Best Buy and BFG Technologies

Lake Bluff, IL – (January 15, 2003) – BFG Technologies, Inc, a prominent supplier of advanced 3D graphics cards for PCs, announced today that customers now can preorder the latest Asylum™ video card featuring the NVIDIA® GeForce™ FX graphics processing unit (GPU) at Best Buy stores nationwide and at BestBuy.com.   The NVIDIA GeForce FX GPU is recognized as the industry’s first GPU to enable real-time, cinematic-quality graphics and special effects on desktop PCs.  Customers who preorder the Asylum GeForce FX from BFG and Best Buy will receive a limited edition box filled with valuable rebate coupons and BFG collectibles.  

“We are very pleased to offer this special preorder program with BFG Technologies,” said Kevin Balon, Business Team director for Peripherals at Best Buy.  “Best Buy and BFG are not only offering PC enthusiasts the opportunity to preorder the much anticipated GeForce FX, they are also providing over $100 of valuable rebates and merchandise making this a really exciting offer.”

“Hardcore gamers are excited to experience the awesome power of the NVIDIA GeForce FX GPU and we want to give them something special when they preorder the Asylum GeForce FX from BFG and Best Buy.,” said Scott Herkelman, executive vice president of marketing and business development for BFG Technologies.  “By providing big discounts on the items gamers love along with a few extras, we are giving something back to the gaming community.”

The limited-edition preorder box, available exclusively through Best Buy, can be picked up at any retail Best Buy store or shipped to customers who preorder Asylum GeForce FX online at www.bestbuy.com.  The preorder box contains an Asylum “Up All Nite” t-shirt, an Asylum skull cap, and over $100 of gaming-related rebate coupons from leading brands such as Altec Lansing, Imation, iRiver, Logitech, and Seagate. Also included is the BFG exclusive demo version of Novalogic “Delta Force; Black Hawk Down” video game with extras not available elsewhere.  Delta Force; Black Hawk Down is  part of the NVIDIA “The Way It’s Meant to Be Played Program” signifying that it was created for and runs best on NVIDIA hardware.

The Asylum GeForce FX retail in March 2003.

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Bjorn3d QuadroFX preview - Benjamin Sun
Bjorn has a preview of the QuadroFX cards

Click here for the preview

Of note is the fact that the QuadroFX will NOT require the crazy cooling of GeforceFX, and that 2048 pixel shader instructions in a pass are supported

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QuadroFX announced - Benjamin Sun
Nvidia has announced their Quadro version of their GeforceFX card. This card based upon NV30, will hit retail next month before the consumer GeforceFX does.

NVIDIA Quadro FX Workstation Graphics Redefine Professional Application Performance

NVIDIA Quadro FX Series of Workstation Graphics Solutions Available Worldwide

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