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Wednesday, November 27, 2002

Radeon 9500 Pro reviews - Benjamin Sun
ATI has released the Radeon 9500 Pro, which is about Geforce4 Ti4600 in performance but only $200 retail . Speaking of ATI, my 9700 Pro review is overdue but coming.

Click here for Anand's review

Click here for Beyond3d's review

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GeforceFX running at 600MHz+ - Benjamin Sun
Digitlife's look at the GeforceFX had a interesting tidbit. The first working samples of GeforceFX in Nvidia's labs were running 550 or 600MHz. From a small conversation with a friend , who works at Nvidia, I garnered that not only was the report accurate, but there are working samples in the lab running at HIGHER frequencies for the core

Not saying that all GeforceFX's will hit 550 or 600MHz , or higher, but it is a interesting tidbit nonetheless

Click here to read the story

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Tuesday, November 26, 2002

Thanksgiving Week - Benjamin Sun
I'm going to be spending time with the family for the rest of the week . So I hope everyone has a wonderful Thanksgiving and stuffs themselves on turkey...

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Monday, November 25, 2002

New Anti-Aliasing in GeForce 3 & 4? - Joe Glass
There's been much investigation of the anti-aliasing filters present in the 40.72 Detonator drivers in the Beyond3D forums. Apparently there are undocumented 6x and 8x modes using this version of the Detonator drivers. Officially they aren't accessible in the Detonator driver's AA panel nor are they officially stated as features of the GeForce3 or GeForce4. They are present however with the upcoming GeForceFX. 3DCenter has an article posted which shows using the tweak program aTuner, you can enable these modes using a plain GeForce3 or GeForce4 class NVIDIA video card. Granted there are limitations. Higher anti-aliasing modes such as 6x and 8x are memory intensive and require at least 64MB of video RAM and the latter 128MB of RAM when using video modes at 800x600 or higher. This doesn't even mention the performance slowdowns in framerate. Go ahead and download aTuner and try the modes and see if it doesn't slow down too much for you. I tried out Age of Mythology and No One Lives Forever 2 on a GeForce4 Ti 4600 with a Pentium4 2GHz. AOM plays fine at 8x at 1024x768x32. However, NOLF2 at 640x480x32 plays very choppy in certain sections and I wouldn't recommend 8x AA in that game. These hidden modes only work with Direct3D.

Read the article here and be sure to use Babelfish to tranlate German to English.

Download aTuner here.

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