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Saturday, October 26, 2002

XPC Dinner - Benjamin Sun
Last night I attended a XPC launch dinner in the city of La Puente. Present were Anand of Anandtech (who gave a nice speech on the XPC and the future directions CPUs will take. , Doc Overclock from Motherboards.org, AMD, NVIDIA, ABS, Shuttle (spent a few minutes talking to the designer of the Shuttle XPC concept, Mr. Ken Huang and various websites and print magazines.

It was a lot of fun! And hopefully I can review a XPC in the near future.

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Friday, October 25, 2002

ATI's response - Benjamin Sun
Here's ATI's response to my previous post

Hi Ben!!
Saw your article on GDDR-3 and Brian Burke's comments. It sounds to me like there is some disagreement at nVidia over the GDDR3 issue and whether or not the GDDR3 spec is 'fast enough'. I would point you to some comments by Tony Tamasi in EBN Magazine a few weeks ago, when ATI's GDDR3 spec was announced, with the support of DRAM memory industry leaders. Mr. Tamasi was quoted as saying that GDDR-3's very high speed will definately be welcomed by graphics companies. See link and quote below

Chris Hook
PR Manager, Mobile and Integrated Business Unit
ATI Technologies

Click here

Nvidia said that it, too, is working with DRAM suppliers to get GDDR-III to market as soon as possible. "If we can get enough DRAM makers to build GDDR-III, it should become very affordable," said Tony Tamasi, Nvidia's senior director of desktop product management. "The very high speed will definitely be welcomed by graphics companies."

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NVIDIA on GDDR-3 - Benjamin Sun
Got an interesting response from Brian Burke NVIDIA's Desktop PR manager today on a question on GDDR-3 memory. To wit:

We are big fans of faster graphic memory and can use all the speed memory makers can provide. The GDDR-3 spec is a work in progress. Generally it is a good spec and we are glad ATI is evangelizing graphics memory needs with memory vendors, which is something NVIDIA has been doing for years. We think the spec needs to be more aggressive. NVIDIA cannot endorse the spec as is. It needs more work. 500MHz as a starting point is boring in the time frame they are talking about, which is 2003. 500MHz in 2002 is exciting. 500MHz in 2H03 is boring. The value of the GDDR3 as it stands in the current spec will be severely tested in the coming weeks with existing technology.
Brian Burke
NVIDIA Corporation

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Thursday, October 24, 2002

Nvidia-Are you Ready? - Benjamin Sun
Interesting teaser on Nvidia.com . Wonder what it could be? Click here to view it

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Tuesday, October 22, 2002

DX9 doubtful for this year - Benjamin Sun
Noticed this on Beyond3d's forums. Phillip Taylor of Microsoft had this to say on  DX9 final release . As Microsoft is on Beta3 with no Release Candidate in sight, DX9 may miss this year:

in terms of schedules, be careful. before the end of the year is the current schedule estimate, but as always thats an estimate. do not treat it as anything else.

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ATI Demonstrates first DDR2 card - Benjamin Sun
ATI has shown the first DDR2 graphics card. A Radeon 9700 Pro was shown recently on TechTV sporting the new memory.  The ATI rep said they think it'll run up to 550MHz. It's going to be interesting to see a DDR2 fest between NV30 and "DDR 9700 Pro"  since NV30 is to have the same type of memory. Click here to read the news release

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Short Q+A with BFG - Benjamin Sun
Had a chance to talk to John Malley , the PR manager for BFG , a new maker of videocards.

Q: The move from the inception of the company to products hitting shelves seems extremely fast . How long before we'll see products on store shelves?

A: We intend to have retail products hit store shelves on October 27th just a short time after we founded the company

Q: Are your boards going to be outsourced?

A: Yes. At this moment we have about 10 employees, and won't be manufacturing the boards ourselves. However , we will have a QA person to work with our manufacturer to assure quality. We do , however do the packaging of the boards inhouse.

Q:Will BFG make any ATI cards?

A: No. We're a Nvidia house.

Q: Will we see "NV30" products from BFG?

A: Yes when those products hit store shelves

Q: What are BFG's goals?

A: It's our intention to be #1 in retail within 5 months, if everything goes according to plan.

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