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Friday, October 18, 2002

NVNews's updated nForce2 review - Benjamin Sun
Mike has updated his nForce2 review with Warcraft III experiences/benchmarks Click here to read the update

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Fry's specials - Benjamin Sun
Fry's Friday specials are pretty cool.

-GBA Yu-Gi-Oh for $19.99
-NOLF2 for $37.99
-Warcraft III for $29.99

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Tuesday, October 15, 2002

A little preview of my 9700 Pro review - Benjamin Sun
I've been working hard on a pretty massive 9700 pro review. And decided to give you a little preview of what it will contain:

1. Introduction
2. Featureset including  a look at fullscene antialiasing from the Geforce2 to the Radeon 9700
3. Gameplay descriptions and screenshots from : SOFII , Madden 2002, Nascar 2002, Warcraft III, Morrowind, Unreal Tournament 2003 , and . Note it's unlikely that I'll have enough space in the review to have screenshots for all 7 games  
4. Benchmarks from  UT2003, Quake3, Sharkmark, 3DMark 2001, Aquanox , Comanche4
5. Conclusion

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Steve Ballmer = Bad Marketing? - Joe Glass
Steve Ballmer, CEO of Microsoft Corporation, is a scary guy. Really. Compared to the subtleness of Bill Gates, I would take Bill over Steve anyday. Why share this? Well, take a look at these videos:

Ballmer the monkey.

It's reasons like this that make me feel good that I switched to Linux.

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Monday, October 14, 2002

Explosive's 9700 Pro review - Benjamin Sun
Explosive Labs has a review of the ATI Radeon 9700 Pro up Click here for the review

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New Xbox bundle - Benjamin Sun
Microsoft has announced their bundle for the holiday season. For the same $199 you get Sega GT2002, Jet Set Radio Future , the S Controller and a XBox. This compares favorably  with the PS2 for $199 without a game and Gamecube with Super Mario Sunshine and a memory pack for $189.

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Geforce4 Go 460 announced - Benjamin Sun
Nvidia has announced the Geforce4 Go 460 officially. Toshiba announced the first laptop using this chip last week. Expect a detailed Geforce4 Go review soon (after my Parhelia and 9700 reviews go live) . Click here for the Press release

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