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Friday, November 22, 2002

Displacement Mapping on GeforceFX - Benjamin Sun
There's been a lot of confusion as to whether the GeforceFX is fully DX9 compliant because of Displacement Mapping. I thought I would clear a few things up in a newspost
Click here for the "story"

There's 2 types of displacement mapping supported under DirectX 9.0 presampled and one with full texture sampling (thanks Democoder from Beyond3d)

Presampled DM can be done by any current DX8+ card, and is supported by GeforceFX and Radeon 9700 (as confirmed by Nvidia developer relations  and ATI )

The true DM method is only currently supported by the Matrox Parhelia. In it you can do all sorts of interesting things like the Matrox Parhelia Alien demos  which changed a simple mesh into a fully displaced alien. Click here for my look at the feature in my Parhelia review

Therefore, while Nvidia and ATI can do all sorts  interesting things with their cards, the only card that can do "true displacement mapping" at the moment is the Matrox Parhelia.

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Thursday, November 21, 2002

nForce2 now available in ABS systems - Benjamin Sun
nForce2 motherboards have started showing up on Pricewatch and now the first system with this motherboard is shipping. I'm really hoping I can see what the nForce2 can do if/when I get a GeforceFX to review. Click here for the full press release

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Wednesday, November 20, 2002

new nForce/nForce2 drivers - Benjamin Sun
Some new reference nForce/nForce2 drivers are posted on Nvidia's site

Click here to download them

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Want to see GeForceFX? - Joe Glass
If you happened to be at Comdex or Las Vegas, you can go see NVIDIA at the Bellagio. No appointment or Comdex registration is required, just stop by the Monet room at the Bellagio. There are also signs posted along the way and a NVIDIA frontman at the hotel lobby to direct you. NVIDIA is displaying laptops, workstation products, nForce2 w/NVDVD in a living room setting, and an actual GeForceFX board for people to look at. You have until Thursday this week to check it out. Tell them PCRave sent ya!

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Monday, November 18, 2002

GeforceFX Design Wins - Benjamin Sun
Nvidia has issued a press release showing strong PC OEM support for the GeforceFX

Click here for the press release

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GeforceFX Previews - Benjamin Sun
There's a slew of  previews up around the net. As Joe mentioned I'll be going indepth into DX9.0 shortly. Also of note, my 9700 Pro review will be up shortly which will cover it's implementation of DX9.0

Click here for NVNews's preview

Click here for HardOCP's preview

Click here for Anand's preview. Note he gives a Doom3 score . At the briefing on Friday, Nvidia said that was to give us a sense of performance .

Click here for Tom's article

Click here for 3DGPU's article

Click here for Beyond3d's preview

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GeForceFX is Ready! - Joe Glass
NVIDIA has announced the GeForceFX GPU and we have are short preview up which covers the basics of the GPU. Here's a piece:
Do game graphics need to photo-realistic? I think not. Rather, games need to be true to the game designer’s vision. The GPU is merely the enabler to the designer’s vision. If the GPU is a limitation, a wall if you will, then the game suffers. The gamer suffers in that they are less immersed into a game or even worse, they turn it off and do something in the real world. All jokes aside, the GPU is a tool and NVIDIA’s GeForceFX is all about enabling a designer’s vision become a reality.
Read it here.

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