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Radeon 9800 Pro review from Guru3d

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Wednesday, September 18, 2002

9700 Pro experiences - Benjamin Sun
I must say I'm impressed. These are not meant to constitute a review , but only initial impressions. As my 9700 Pro review is slated to be posted after my Parhelia review (hint Joe...) I thought I'd give a few benchmark numbers and a limited impression.

System: 1800+ XP , nForce, 256MB PC2400 DDR, 60GB WD HDD, Radeon 9700 Pro default clock:

Quake3 1280x1024 32bit Max settings 6x FSAA 16x anisotropic filtering :106.6 fps

Serious Sam 1280X1024 32bit Extreme Addon, Quality Mode 6x FSAA 16x Anisotropic filtering : 53.8 fps

Morrowind is mostly CPU limited on my system, with virtually the same fps at 1280x960 without FSAA and anisotropic filtering as 4x FSAA and 16x aniso

More to come from my review

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Creative Labs Interview - Benjamin Sun
The Guru of 3d has a very interesting interview with Creative Labs Europe up. While I won't comment on NV30, they had this to say on it:

"Now that's putting me in a really difficult position because as you know NVIDIA are pretty consistent with their "we don't talk about unreleased product" position but here is what I think I am safe in saying … (bear in mind I have seen specs and simulations not actual hardware). Based on what I've seen NV30 will retake the performance crown from ATI by a significant amount. Obviously I can't comment on clock speed etc. but its fair to say that we should see a significant jump based on the fact that NV30 is on 0.13 and 9700 Pro squeezed every last cycle out of 0.15."

Click here to read the entire interview

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Tuesday, September 17, 2002

Beyond3d is down - Benjamin Sun
Dunno why as of yet, but Beyond3d is down right now.

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BFG Tech article - Benjamin Sun
I got a interesting piece of advertising this morning from a new graphics card company called BFG Tech. Kyle from Hardocp has published a article on this new manufacturer here .

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