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Wednesday, June 19, 2002

Comments on HardOCP - Joe Glass
Read this. This really irks me. HardOCP (Kyle Bennett) had a disagreement with Matrox. Matrox felt that they didn't want to send a sample Parhelia board to them due to their writing style and journalistic practices. Kyle fought back by saying he'll let his readers know that Matrox didn't feel that HardOCP would put the board in a favorable light. Kyle wrote up a rant and posted it. In order to save face and a public backlash, the contact PR contact at Matrox (Sebastian McDougal I believe) buckled in. Matrox called Kyle back and apologized for their decision. Arguments aside, I feel this is wrong. If a manufacturer decided that they don't want to send a sample board for review, then that's their right to decide. To make threats by posting a rant to the public just to get your sample board is unprofessional. You don't stomp your feet and whine because you disagree. That's life. Regardless of how many readers you have or how popular your site may be, you don't threaten manufacturers by claiming to be the voice of the community. May I remind everyone, this is the same site that demanded the resignation of NVIDIA's Derek Perez for strong-arming websites while he was on vacation awhile back.

I don't agree with what he did and I don't believe many readers do either. My advice to PR people - stand your ground! You have the final say, and it's your job to put your company in a good light.

FYI, PCRave will have a review of Matrox's Parhelia ready soon.

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Visiontek expands manufacturing - Joe Glass
Visiontek passed along this PR for your reading pleasure.
Gurnee, IL - (June 18, 2002) -VisionTek, a leading provider of advanced graphics and memory products for PCs, today announced that it has completed a plan to expand its manufacturing capabilities to include overseas production of aftermarket 3D graphics boards.
Read it here

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Tuesday, June 18, 2002

Matrox Parhelia Announcement - Benjamin Sun
Matrox has officially announced their board-level products based on the Parhelia-512

  • 128MB version running at a 200mhz graphics clock @ $349

  • 128MB version running at a 220MHz graphics clock @ $349

    you can read the entire press release here . We should start seeing reviews real soon ...

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    Monday, June 17, 2002

    Update from me - Benjamin Sun
    Been super busy with real life. Upcoming stuff:

    AIW Radeon 128MB 8500 review (with Truform screenshots ;), Xabre400 review , Visiontek Geforce4 Ti4200 review . I'm going to be afk for the next week or so  because of personal stuff...

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    Updated Vidomi FAQ - Joe Glass
    I've updated my Vidomi FAQ to match the new features of Vidomi .469 If want to learn more about network batch encoding, read the FAQ!

    Read it here!

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