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Saturday, June 1, 2002

Asus A7N8X? - Benjamin Sun
While browsing Asus's Computex page , I noticed a new item I haven't seen before. A A7N8X. As the A7N266 was a nForce based motherboard, I believe this is based on the next generation nForce.
Click here for Asus's Computex page.Here's the mention of A7N8X:

In addition, A7N8X a new revolutionary, high-performance integrated product based on NVIDIA® technologies will be among the featured products.

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Friday, May 31, 2002

1GHz DDRII memory to be available this fall, in production 2003 - Benjamin Sun
EBNews is reporting that Samsung will have samples of DDRII memory running 1Gbit/second (1Ghz) this fall with production in early 2003... Click here for more information

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Thursday, May 30, 2002

Nvidia meeting notes E3-2002 - Benjamin Sun
Arrived at the Nvidia booth around 3:50 in the afternoon , after a tiring day of walking around the E3 show floor. Upon arrival talked briefly with Derek Perez and Carrie Cowan, PR people for Nvidia and awaited Brian Burke's conclusion of his previous appointment.

Nvidia's booth was a interesting appointment only area with computers and Xboxes all over the general area.

The following games were on display: UT 2003, Project Gotham Racing, Counterstrike, Condition Zero , EarthWeb, Tomb Raider 4 and Sea Dogs 2.

Brian arrived from his prior appointment and we headed off to see if we could find a conference room.  We found a corner to talk (all the rooms were  occupied) and here's the main things we talked about

1. Ti4200 was released recently. With a MSRP of around $179 , it brings Geforce4 features and great performance to the mainstream market.  (expect a Visiontek 128MB 4200 review from me very soon)
2. Nvidia owns around 2-3% of the chipset market
3. Nvidia is working on all kinds of 3d chips while a PDA chip was not specifically mentioned it's a logical next step for Nvidia,  in the future, core logic and  the successor to the Nforce
4. Nvidia is interested in a P4 bus license of course .  (Public statements by Jen-Hsun Huang the CEO state that the main obstacle to this is the high licensing fees asked for by Intel and competing with Intel's own chipsets)
5. We talked in general terms about the future. AGP 8x and DirectX 9 are likely to be the big things pushed this fall.
6. Brian called the Parhelia a interesting product with interesting new features . He questioned the ability of Matrox to mass-produce the chip at high clock frequencies as it's .15um and over 80 million transistors (Matrox is targeting 220mhz as of this writing fyi) .

7. Brian made a further comment that's interesting: Problem with Parhelia, is that it's still a DX8 part. This fall , as you know Microsoft will release DirectX9 and you're either DX9 or you're not this fall.  

One could infer some things from this comment, but Brian didn't specifically mention if their next product is DX9 or not.

At this point, I had some technical questions and Brian went looking for someone to answer them . He found Tony Tamasi, Nvidia's Director of Product Development .

8. Talked a bit about anisotropic filtering. Tony said "ATI only anisos about 10% of the given screen at a time, while Nvidia does the whole scene. Different methods and our image quality with  aniso is superior" . He didn't call ATI's method rip-mapping btw but similar to it.

9 N-Patches Nvidia will likely include N-Patches as a subset of some other HOS implementation, much like they did with EMBM and Pixel shaders.

10 FSAA- They want to not lose speed with it enabled. Will likely increase number of samples in the future

11. Tony made a interesting quote " Last year we did a demo of the Final Fantasy Movie. The things that were cut down were the resolution and pixel shader effects. By the end of this year we're likely to be able to render the movie with all of the pixel shader effects"

In conclusion, while my meeting with Nvidia didn't go too far into the future, it did  get me more than a little excited about it. It was interesting and different to talk to Brian in person for more than the few minutes we usually chat or email about.  Nvidia is one of the biggest driving forces in computer graphics today, if not THE biggest.

Nvidia now has around 45% total graphics marketshare in the PC market (including integrated, desktop, mobile) . That's an amazing growth for this company that only 9 years ago was fighting for it's survival with the release of NV1.

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Wednesday, May 29, 2002

John Carmack On Doom3 videocard - Benjamin Sun
NVNews has a email from John Carmack on what cards he had for demoing Doom3 Click here for the report. Here's what he said:
It [The ATI card used] was compared against a very high speed GF4. It shouldn't be surprising that a next-generation card is faster than a current generation card. What will be very interesting is comparing the next gen cards (and the supporting drivers) from both vendors head to head when they are both in production.

Everyone working on DOOM still uses GF4-Ti cards at the moment, and if someone needs to buy a new video card today, that is what I tell them to get.

John Carmack

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Tuesday, May 28, 2002

Matrox Parhelia clockspeed - Benjamin Sun
Sebastian Macdougal of Matrox has let me know that they expect the clockspeed of the Parhelia to be around 220mhz Gclock. The final clockspeeds have yet to be determined With .15um and 80 million transistors, it was unlikely that they would hit a high clockspeed.

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E3 coverage around the net - Benjamin Sun
HotHardware has posted their E3 coverage .
Click here to see their coverage

Gamespy has their E3 coverage here

Neil over at Envy News has his coverage here

Personally I had a great time, and am working on a detailed report.

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