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Wednesday, May 22, 2002

Matrox Meeting Notes. No benchmarks :( but :) - Benjamin Sun
I'm not going to gvie any guesses on performance , as the boards I played on this morning are beta. However here's what I got from my meeting (excluding anything that might be considered um off the record)

1. Displacement mapping absolutely rocks . Adding arbitrary geometry to figures or in outdoors terrain is a serious step in the right direction.
2. FAA absolutely also rocks. Swimming textures in buildings in FS 2002? GONE.
3. 10bit color was a little bit of a disappointment. Because the LCD monitors that were used in the demo, it downsampled to 8bit color. While there is a difference in banding, it was less apparent than I expected. When I test the card with 3 CRTs I'll take a deeper look into it.
4. It will not be a Quake3 Geforce4 Ti killer with the way most reviewers run the benchmarks. Of course with 80 million transistors on a .15um process, there's likely to be a lot of heat, and it's unlikely that the Parhelia 512 will  have a more than 300mhz gclock.
5. Having said that, Matrox suggests, and I agree with them 100% that performance in Quake3 is fast enough today.  Turn  on FSAA (games with stencil buffers have issues with FAA) anisotropic filtering and Surround Gaming , and it should be completely playable
6.Surround gaming absolutely rocks. I got to play Quake3 and on 3 monitors it was absoletly smooth. One little note, while playing , I didn't consciously look to my right or left, but in my peripheral vision caught movement on the extra monitors and I was able to react without thinking
7. Matrox suggests, and after walking around the show floor, I agree, that DX 8 games will be more prevalent this Christmas. The number of DX9 games will be very limited if any at all. Thus their decision to go with DX8.1
8. If you have a chance and are at E3 go to the AMD/Matrox/Alienware lot (last year's G.O.D) lot , take it. Soldier Of Fortune II and F1  2002 makes great use of surround gaming . The HUGE monitors for the racing game are the way to play a racing game.
9. Parhelia 512 can multipass render .  8 textures per pixel is possible on a Parhelia
10. Review cards are likely to be sent out in early June. WOOHOO!!! Final retail boards will likely be out in late June/early July.
11. Did I mention Displacement Mapping totally rocks ??? Watching a character be N-Patched , then displacement mapped, makes a totally   different look
12. To give you a sense of how powerful the pixel shaders are capable of being. The ocean demo with a shark, the bass, a school of fish? Everything is bumpmapped and using 4 textures per pixel. The Bass consists of 8 pixel shaders with 100 pixel shader instructions.
13. The anisotropic filtering did sharpen Quake3. The Parhelia is capable of dynamically allocating 64 texture samples in a pass . In other words 1 pixel with 64 sample anisotropic filtering, or alternatively 4 pixels with 16 sample aniso in  a single clock.
14 Performance hit with 16x FAA in one application (no numbers, sorry) was about 20%  with their 4x FSAA around 50% . Sorry  , can't say more.
15Only one mode of FAA 16x at the moment.

Any questions?

Tomorrow, Nvidia...

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ATI AIW Rebates - Benjamin Sun
John Swinimer of ATI passed along this note of a mail-in rebate for ATI's All In Wonder Radeon 8500 and 8500DV products. Here's the details:

This promotion ends on Saturday, May 31, 2002.

Customers have the opportunity to receive a rebate of  US$25 or CDN$40 when one of these ATI retail products is purchased from a participating store.

Purchasers will visit ATI.com, print out the mail-in rebate form and send in the completed form with the UPC code from their ALL-IN-WONDER RADEON 8500DV or ALL-IN-WONDER RADEON 8500 128MB. All submissions must be postmarked no later than June 30, 2002

This promotion has a limit of two (2) rebate requests per name / family / address.

Products must be purchased between May 17 and May 31, 2002.

This offer is not valid in conjunction with any other offer

Offer valid on retail packed products only.

Visit here for full details

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Tuesday, May 21, 2002

SIS Meeting Notes - Benjamin Sun
This is based on a 2 hour meeting with SiS this morning. We covered quite a few more subjects that I won't go into here... Note I have NOT installed the Xabre 400 yet .

1.Xabre as you know is DirectX 8.1 PS 1.3 compliant
2. 24 million transistors
3. The reference board is short about 2 1/2 inches shorter than a Ti4600 .
4. Performace based on one run of 3dmark 2001SE : 6456 , Quake3 : 160 fps 1024x768 32bit HQ settings 2Ghz P4+256MB DDR Nature ran without issue
5. cost is scheduled to be around Geforce4 MX retail price but will be adjusted as market dictates.
6. They recognize that SiS 315, 305 etc were for the very entry-level products , but Xabre is the first part to what they believe will be a great graphics line. Stay tuned for more
7. Vertex shader is done by CPU of course
8. No OpenGL propietary extensions supported. Such as Nvidia or ATI specific extensions.
9. .15 micron process
10 DSOP memory , Xabre 600 will LIKELY use Tiny BGA memory as above 3.3ns memory requires it
11. Propietary SIS FSAA algorthyms to improve performance , performance with AA SHOULD be higher than Geforce4 MX440 with AA but I won't know till I compare directly in the next few days. anisotropic filtering in Direct3D but not OpenGL right now. Propietary memory architecture.
12. It's likely to hit retail in July.
13. All Xabres are the same chip, except for clockspeed. Xabre 80 is pin compatible with SIS 315 and the chips can be exchanged , saving boards.

Hope this gives a little more color into the Xabre, as most of this information has not been posted before.

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Monday, May 20, 2002

This week - Benjamin Sun
Most of this week I'm going to be off to the Los Angeles Convention Center for E3. I have meets set up with Matrox, Nvidia SIS, and Visiontek and should publish a article on it. Joe will hopefully have my Visiontek Geforce4 review up as well , and maybe, just maybe I'll have some preliminary Xabre400 benchmarks for you.

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