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Saturday, May 18, 2002

Visiontek first to retail Ti4200s - Benjamin Sun
Visiontek has announced that they are the first to retail Geforce4 Ti4200s . The 128MB version will be available starting tomorrow with a 250/444 clock, with the 64MB version available in June.

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Wednesday, May 15, 2002

TBreak's Ti4200 review - Benjamin Sun
T Break has published a Gainward Ti4200 review. Click here to read the review

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Riva3d's Unitech 7500 review - Benjamin Sun
Ross over at Riva3d has a review of Unitech's Radeon 7500 based card Click here to read the review.

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XBox and PS2 price drops - Benjamin Sun
For those interested in consoles , Sony and Microsoft have dropped the price of their PS2 and Xbox consoles to $199....

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Tuesday, May 14, 2002

More Parhelia previews - Benjamin Sun
As expected, a slew of previews are up on the net , including mine. Here's a list of some of them:

Anand's preview

Digit Life's preview

Extremetech's preview

GamePC's preview . This one has a short Q+A with Sebastian Macdougal, Matrox PR specialist.

HardOCP's preview . This preview has downloadable movies of the demos.

Tech Report's preview

Tom's preview

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PCRave looks at Matrox's Parhelia 512 - Joe Glass
I have put the finishing touches on Ben's new preview of Matrox's Parhelia 512! Matrox has dropped a bomb shell to give NVIDIA, ATI, and 3DLabs a run for their money.
Matrox concentrated on Quality, Performance and Features in the Parhelia based board solutions.To achieve the highest-fidelity graphics, Parhelia-512 has been designed with tremendous attention to detail paid to every aspect of the graphics pipeline. Also stressed by Matrox is the performance aspect of the Parhelia. With massive memory bandwidth and a colossal array of 3D processing elements, Parhelia-512 delivers the fastest 2D, Microsoft® DirectX® 8, OpenGL 1.3 and DVD performance.The Parhelia brings a lot of new features to consumer based gaming videocards that either havent't been seen in this marketplace, are equal to existing solutions or improve upon existing solutions such as the GeForce4 Ti4600 or RADEON 8500.

Read it here.

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Monday, May 13, 2002

Anand "NV30" Teaser - Benjamin Sun
While browsing Anandtech's site this morning , I came across this tiny little teaser Click here
Last week Gainward sent me the first retail Ti 4200 I've had my hands on and I just put up an article covering the card and its overclocking potential.

I must say that right now the video card sector is by far the most interesting of them all in this industry.  Matrox has a pretty big announcement tomorrow that I'll be covering, 3DLabs just recently announced their powerful VPU, NV30 is amazing, and Matthew and I will be up to see ATI later this week.  

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NV18 and RV250 to be shown at Computex - Benjamin Sun
According to Digitimes, Nvidia and ATI plan to showcase their next generation mainstream videocards at Computex Taipei. Click here to read the review.

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Anand's Geforce4 Ti4200 review - Benjamin Sun
Anand has posted his first retail Ti4200 review. Expect a revised Ti4200 review this week with Radeon 8500 benchmarks from me. Click here

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