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Friday, April 26, 2002

Nvidia and AMD want to give you the Ultimate Digital Experience - Benjamin Sun
Here's the information on a new contest Nvidia and AMD are running:

WHAT: Win the Ultimate Digital Experience Sweepstakes! NVIDIA and AMD are giving away a slew of great prizes featuring the power of NVDIA's nForce Platform Processors and AMD's Athlon CPUs. The grand-prize winner receives a
trip to the PC Expo in New York and an NVIDIA® nForce(tm) and AMD Athlon(tm) XP processor 2100+ prize package. Other great prizes include MSI K7N420 Pro motherboards featuring the NVIDIA nForce 420-D Platform Processors and $50
AMD/NVIDIA American Express Gift Cards.

WHERE: Click here. Visit this site each week and
correctly answer five weekly quiz questions about the AMD-NVIDIA partnershipand products, and you'll have up to six chances to be entered into the drawing for the Grand Prize. Click on the "Enter The Sweepstakes" button to enter.

WHO: Everyone!

WHEN: The sweepstakes is open now until June 1, 2002.

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A review of Tech Support - Benjamin Sun
Darth, over at GotApex has posted a review of Technical Support from various PC companies. Click here to read the article
"This compiled information is also monumentally important to those of you who are looking to purchase a PC or PC product as at the very least it should make you aware of the importance of competent, friendly technical-support. The sampling of companies we selected were based on their level of market penetration at the time of this review and are as follows: ABIT, ASUS, ATi, Compaq, Creative Labs, DELL, GAINWARD, PNY, PowerColor, Toshiba, and Visiontek."

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Seven card Geforce4 MX440 comparison - Benjamin Sun
Hot Hardware has a 7 card Geforce4 MX440 comparison up. Including cards from Abit, Chaintech,eVGA,Gainward, Leadtek, Visiontek and X-Micro. Click here to read the comparison

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ATI Ad Misprint - Benjamin Sun
Amazon has an amazing offer up . They're offering a ATE All In Wonder Radeon 128MB 8500 for only $199.95 for pickup at Circuit City. What's interesting is the ad is clearly a misprint, as they misspelled ATI and the picture of the box is clearly for a $199 128MB Radeon 8500LE not the $399 128MB AIW R8500 . Click here to see the ad

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Thursday, April 25, 2002

Higher Order Surface demo for Nvidia based cards - Benjamin Sun
Someone has posted a little demo that utilizes the Higher Order Surfaces the Geforce3/4 support. If you own these cards you can download them Click here to download the demo . It's very small but fun nonetheless... It will also run in software mode on any other card almost... To bring up the menu, right click the screen while the demo is running to bring up this menu:
1. Bezier Patch
2. NURBS Patch
3. software Bezier Patch
4. nVidia Higher Order Surfaces (HOS) (integral tess)
5. nVidia HOS (fractional tesselation)
7 draw complementary Bezier Curves
8. draw Bezier Patch outlines
9. draw Patch outlines
0 performance: check max FPS Tessellation...
V vsync off/on
w solid/wireframe
esc quit

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Guru3d's Ti4200/4600 review - Benjamin Sun
Guru3d has a comparison with the Ti4600/4200 up today. Click here to download them.

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28.32s are now WHQLed - Benjamin Sun
Nvidia has released WHQLed 28.32 drivers . These are the same as the previously released 28.32s but now WHQLed Click here to download them if you haven't already.

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Quick update - Benjamin Sun
ATI sent a 128MB AIW Radeon 8500 in for review , which you can expect a thorough review upcoming . Also expect a 64MB Radeon 8500/Ti4200/Ti500 comparison next week ... Stay tuned, more good stuff is coming up, including a Visiontek Geforce4 review ....

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Tuesday, April 23, 2002

Tom's Hardware 30 card roundup - Benjamin Sun
Tom's has a 30 card roundup of older and newer cards with many modern benchmarks up. Click here to read the roundup.

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3DVelocity's Ti4200 versus Radeon 8500 comparison - Benjamin Sun
3DVelocity have posted their review of the Ti4200 reference board, they compare it to the Radeon 8500 from ATI and Ti4600 for comparison too. Click here to read the review. Here's a snip
'nVidia's recent market dominance has pushed ATi's GPU's into an interesting position. While the Ti GPU's are clear market leaders it has left a hole for ATi to position themselves in. The R200 is without a doubt a quality product for it's price bracket and thus nVidia needed to counter in this area. While I enjoyed my first experiences of the GF4MX  based products, they are without any doubt, a short term solution and serious gamers will hardly embrace the lack of features. Thus the R8500 has found an excellent place somewhere between the MX460 and Ti4400. What could nVidia do to plug this hole? Enter the Ti4200, a true gamers' card but retailing at under $200! '

In a related note, I'm working on a similar comparison. Stay tuned.

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Bjorn3d's Leadtek Ti4400 review - Benjamin Sun
Bjorn has a review of the Leadtek card based upon the Geforce4 Ti4400 up Click here to read the review

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FiringSquad's nForce 415D review - Benjamin Sun
The Firing Squad has  a review of Asus's A7266N-C motherboard based upon Nvidia's nForce 415D mobo. Click here to read the review.

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Microsoft's Corona - Benjamin Sun
ATI and Nvidia are supporting Microsoft's new Corona initiative. Click here to read the press release. There's mention made of upcoming videocards from Nvidia and ATI, which are clearly not the Geforce4 and Radeon 8500 .... :)

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128MB AIW Radeon 8500 reviews - Benjamin Sun
Click here to read Hot Hardware's review.

Click here to read Sharkyextreme's review.

Click here to read Anand's review.

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Monday, April 22, 2002

New Nvidia OpenGL extensions - Benjamin Sun
OpenGL.org has updated their OpenGL extensions registry with new extensions for the Geforce4 series

Click here to read the extension on FSAA

Click here to read the extension on depth clamp

Click here to read the extension on occlusion query.

Click here to read the extension on point sprites.

Click here to read about the render  depth texture extension.

Click here to read the render texture rectangle extension.

Click here to read the texture shader 3 extension.

Click here to read the vertex program 1.1 extension.

Click here to read the shadow functions extension

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ATI announces AIW Radeon 8500 - Benjamin Sun
ATI has announced the 128MB All In Wonder Radeon 8500 . With a full clockspeed of 275/275 (up from the 230/190 of the AIW Radeon 8500DV) and without the DV functions of the DV, it should be  a interesting card...

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Sunday, April 21, 2002

MikeC's Ti4200 preview - Benjamin Sun
Mike Chambers has posted an excellent preview of the Geforce4 Ti4600. Click here to read the preview . Lots of screenshots :)...

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