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Joe Glass
February 7, 2000

The SONY PSX2 will own you!

Please note that this article isn't about saying one system is better than another. In this article, we point out the differences and the similarities.

With SONY releasing their Playstation 2 in Japan this March 4, 2000, many people have been wondering what impact will it have to the PC market? The effects aren't known yet, and the computer industry is taking the "wait and see" approach. In the end, the Playstation 2 may turn out to be the "Trojan horse" of consumer electronics.

SONY has been a pioneer of electronic devices such as the SONY Walkman, the world's first portable tape player. In September 1995, SONY entered the game console market with the Playstation. At the time, that market was unsure to embrace this new console since SONY was new to consoles and it lacked a killer game like "Super Mario". But due to outstanding developer support, a new "Mario" type game called Crash Bandicoot, and exclusive affiliation rights with Square and Namco, the Playstation has steadily recieved high quality game titles. These games have given the Playstation longevity. For a console that is over four years old, Playstation sales have barely slowed down. According to SONY, the Playstation has shipped 71.82 million units in global distribution. Aside from the release of the Playstation 2, there are no signs of slow down as proved by the release of Final Fantasy IX for Playstation.

The Playstation 2 formula is built around its technology. The specifications are mind boggling even when compared to current PC standards.

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